My group’s campaign is getting pretty serious, so a couple of us ordered miniatures from Hero Forge. I opted for their Premium Plastic ($30). The detail looks incredible! Don’t get the base plastic, even though it’s $10 cheaper; the mini you’ll get will be brittle and the detail will be awful. This is Raegar, the Eladrin Hunter.


It looks like they print with some form of SLA, based on the detail. With the right lighting you can see it’s printed with .1mm layers. All of the details are very crisp; this would be an excellent mini to paint.

Picture Picture

Raegar has turned out to be pretty fun to play. I went Eladrin 2h Hunter, which seemed like an interesting combination. The free Misty Step from Eladrin lets him close in on enemies quickly, and Hunter’s Mark combined with the offhand weapon adds up for pretty crazy damage. In our first session, and with careful planning and a little bit of luck, our party of five level 1 adventurers were able to take down a boss we weren’t supposed to fight until level 3.