My wife designed a beautiful house for my in-laws now that they’re back in the States. It has a beautiful open floor plan, and is stretched out to maximize the view of the property to the back of the house. With a large house, however, comes the potential for wifi dead zones. I spent some time designing a bulletproof home network, and this weekend finally installing it now that the house is finished.


Here’s the equipment list:

I wanted something that was robust, but if I had to manage it I could from a distance. Ubiquiti offers a cost effective business solution to networking, and their controller software is a breeze. The UAP-AC-LR WAPs offer a fantastic coverage area and penetrate walls well. I’ve positioned three spread across the inside of the house, one on the back patio, and one back in their barn.


The cables are color coded:

  • Red : WAN In
  • Yellow : Used for connecting network infrastructure
  • Black : Ethernet drops around the house
  • Purple : WAPs
  • Orange : Security Cameras

I love these slim run ethernet cables from monoprice. They aren’t made for long runs, but for patching on a rack they’re perfect. There’s still a small amount of room for future expansion, but I don’t think there should be much added to this in the future.