Wanhao recently came out with an affordable resin based printer, the Wanhao Duplicator 7. Although my FDM printer is great for project boxes, or large models, it’s not well suited to printing my 22mm DnD miniatures; it’s limited in X/Y resolution by the size of my nozzle (0.2mm). The D7, however, has the XY resolution of the size of one pixel on its 4K screen (.05mm) and is perfect for this kind of work. Here’s a very uninspiring video of when I first hooked it up.


I installed NanoDLP on a Raspberry Pi and grabbed some random models off Thingiverse to give it a spin.


The prints definitely require a lot more postprocessing. After scraping them off the build plate, giving them a wash in 99% Alcohol to get off the excess resin, then a wash and dry in distilled water, they go into a UV oven to cure.

Picture Picture
Picture Picture

For a first try, the print quality is incredible. That’s a benchy resting on a dime.